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Emergency Repair Contact



  • Emergency Services

  • Water Extraction and Dry Out Services

  • Fire Damage Restoration & Smoke Deodorization

  • Storm Damage Restoration & Board Up Services

  • Roof and Water Damage

Unfortunately, you don't always know when you will need emergency repairs, but you can rest assured that Pine Valley Home Solutions will be there when you do. Our 24 Hour Emergency Repair Service is available when disaster strikes.

Emergency repairs are needed in many circumstances. Coastal winds can pull shingles off of the roof. Winter ice dams can cause roof leaks. Severe interior damage caused from flooding. That tree limb that you meant to have removed can finally decide to fall onto the roof. Regardless of the cause, emergency repair services are available from Pine Valley Home Solutions. Our professional team will have your home safe and dry in no time.


Our team will help you through the insurance process. You can trust our expertise and professionalism.

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